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Continuing Education Approval

California Education Connection is a certified APPROVAL agency for the State of California for professional continuing education classes pertaining to Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy.

California Education Connection COMPLIANCE POLICY:
CEC reserves the right to audit any class which CEC provides continuing education certification for. This means that we may send a representative to be physically present for a live course, or ask for all course education material to be presented for review. For distance learning and on-line courses, we may have a representative take those courses as well. CEC will notify you in writing via email and identify the audit course, date, and materials needed for review. Upon completion, CEC will notify you in writing of any course compliance deficits, as well as strengths. A copy of the course audit template can be provided by request at any time. In the event of a sold-out live course, CEC will not physically attend that course as we do not desire to cause any financial loss, but may only ask for the course materials to be sent via US mail or emailed in PDF format. All audits are free of charge to our auditors and free of cost to you, and are to used determine California Consumer Affairs compliance requirements for Continuing Education.

Currently CEC can approve and certify your classes for:
Please note: you can use this feature ONCE for each class you seek approval. You must pay the NON-REFUNDABLE processing fee in order to submit your application. The approval period is good for ONE year. Need to add additional dates and locations to an ALREADY APPROVED course? EMAIL us the updated brochure in PDF format with the ADDITIONAL DATES AND LOCATIONS. Please note: you may add dates and locations WITHIN 1 year FROM THE ORIGINAL APPROVAL DATE. Submissions are by PDF format only. If you have never requested an approval and are not sure, please see our SAMPLE APPROVAL.

All fields below are REQUIRED.

Class Title:
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Locations (i.e. Address 1,Address 2):
Speaker Name; list all speakers who are presenting:
Speaker Title; list professional title of the speaker. If multiple speakers, list their title in the order of the “Speaker Names” you have listed above:
Professional Audience; list all groups this course is applicable to (i.e. PT, PTA, OT and COTA):
Contact Name; provide the full name of the person who coordinates this course. If you are applying as an individual in the process of certifying a course FOR YOURSELF, then write your name in this field:
Contact Email; write in the email of the contact person listed above. If this is FOR YOURSELF then write in your email:
Company Name; write in the name of the company prisoning the course (i.e. TheraPRO Education LLC). If an individual or medical office is the provider, write in their name or office title (i.e. Joe Jones, MD, or Arroyo Physical Therapy):
Course provider’s phone number:
Course provider’s email:
Contact Hours/CE/CEUs:

Required Uploads; please upload PDF files for the following:

Speaker Biography:
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Timeline Agenda (see a sample):
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A non-refundable payment of $75.00 will be charged to your credit card.

The typical approval process is about 72 hours. Once approved, you will receive via email a letter of CE approval as well as posting in our accessible database for State agencies. Please note: the required submission fee is non-refundable.

You will be notified if your application is Incomplete or non-conforming, and will be held a maximum of 30 days until compliance is addressed.

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