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06/21/18CEC-910Post Concussion Dizziness6.0006/21/1806/21/19Personal submission for individual
06/19/18CEC-909Maximizing Occupational and Physical Therapy Outcomes in Cognitively Impaired Patients - Online Module2.0006/18/1806/18/19Vyne Education, LLC
06/19/18CEC-908DNS Exercise 1 Course12.0005/19/1805/19/19Southeast Sports Seminars
06/18/18CEC-907Therapeutic Approaches to Dementia: Achieving Positive Outcomes - Digital/DVD6.0006/18/1806/18/19Vyne Education, LLC
06/18/18CEC-906Sports-Related Injuries in the Young Athlete - Digital/DVD6.0003/13/1803/13/19Vyne Education, LLC
06/18/18CEC-905The Hands-on Guide to Vestibular Rehabilitation: Clinical Decision-Making to Treat Vertigo, Dizziness, & Balance Disorders6.0006/25/1806/25/19Vyne Education, LLC
06/11/18CEC-904FST - Level 2 Certification35.0005/25/1805/25/19Stretch to Win
06/07/18CEC-903Comprehensive Approach to Aging Confidently: Geriatric Posture, Core and Balance - Digital/DVD6.0010/25/1710/25/18Vyne Education, LLC
06/07/18CEC-902Feed for Speed & Power: Evidence-Based Sports Nutrition6.0006/08/1806/08/19Vyne Education, LLC
06/05/18CEC-901Exercise for Parkinson's6.0007/14/1807/14/19Brian Grant
06/04/18CEC-900Rehabilitating Geriatric Balance with Evidence-Based Techniques - Digital/ DVD6.0005/19/1805/19/19Vyne Education, LLC
05/14/18CEC-899Total Shoulder Arthroplasty: The Surgery, The Rehabilitation, The Outcomes - Digital Seminar/DVD2.0006/24/1806/24/19Vyne Education, LLC
05/14/18CEC-8982 Day: Tai Chi for Arthritis for Falls Prevention: Instructor Course13.0008/16/1808/16/19Vyne Education, LLC
05/11/18CEC-897Neuroplasticity: Essential Interventions for Optimal Therapy - Digital Seminar/DVD2.0006/11/1806/11/19Vyne Education, LLC.
05/07/18CEC-896Active Care: Pain Control Techniques & Tools to Clinically Progress Patient Outcomes - Digital Seminar/DVD2.0006/10/1806/10/19Vyne Education, LLC
05/07/18CEC-895Active Care: Mobility Techniques & Tools to Clinically Progress Patient Outcomes - Digital Seminar/DVD2.0006/10/1806/10/19Vyne Education, LLC
05/02/18CEC-894Active Care: Stability Techniques & Tools to Clinically Progress Patient Outcomes - Digital Seminar/DVD2.0006/06/1806/06/19Vyne Education, LLC
05/02/18CEC-893Advanced Soft Tissue Release (ASTR)27.0009/15/1809/15/19ASTR Institute
05/02/18CEC-892Advanced Soft Tissue Release (ASTR)27.0005/02/1805/02/19ASTR Institute
04/25/18CEC-891Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety Disorders16.0001/31/1701/31/18Beck Institute
04/25/18CEC-890A Total Approach for Treating Neck & Scapular Disorders-Digital Seminar/DVD6.0001/01/1801/01/19Vyne Education LLC.
04/25/18CEC-889Stabilizing the Core & the SI Joint – A Manual Therapy Approach6.0007/11/1807/11/19Vyne Education LLC.
04/25/18CEC-888Conservative Management for Patients with Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction-Digital Seminar/DVD6.0001/01/1801/01/19Vyne Education LLC.
04/17/18CEC-887Geriatric Kinesiology Taping: Combining Taping & Movement to Improve Functional Outcomes - Digital Seminar/DVD5.5005/13/1805/13/19Vyne Education, LLC
04/17/18CEC-886Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation15.0005/05/1805/05/19Back to Balance Physical Therapy and Wellness
04/17/18CEC-885IASTM: Combining Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization & Movement to Improve Function & Performance - Digital Seminar/DVD7.0005/18/1805/18/19Vyne Education, LLC
04/06/18CEC-884Coding & Billing for Therapy & Rehab- Digital Seminar/DVD6.0004/27/1804/27/19Vyne Education, LLC
04/04/18CEC-883Functional Standards for Optimal Aging: The Moving Target Screen - Digital Seminar5.0005/01/1805/01/19Vyne Education, LLC
04/04/18CEC-882Suspected Apraxia and Early Intervention - Digital Seminar/DVD6.0004/29/1804/29/19Vyne Education, LLC
03/29/18CEC-881Tai Chi for Rehabilitation13.0005/17/1805/19/19Vyne Education, LLC
03/26/18CEC-880Pediatric Kinesiology Taping 6.0004/11/1804/11/19Vyne Education, LLC
03/26/18CEC-879Safer Pain Relief Summit14.0004/04/1804/04/19Advances in Clinical Education
03/26/18CEC-878Advancing Pediatric Function Through Neuroplasticity - Digital Seminar/DVD1.5005/06/1805/06/19Vyne Education, LLC
03/22/18CEC-877Building Self-Regulation in Children with Autism, ADHD, or Sensory Disorders6.0004/23/1804/23/19Vyne Education, LLC
03/22/18CEC-876Visual Rehabilitation for Pediatrics: Seeing the Whole Picture6.0005/21/1805/21/19Vyne Education, LLC
03/22/18CEC-875Kinesiology Taping: Combining Taping & Movement to Improve Functional Outcomes8.0004/26/1804/26/19Vyne Education, LLC
03/22/18CEC-874Play with a Purpose: Effective Play-Based Therapy & Early Child Development - Digital Seminar/DVD6.0003/28/1803/28/19Vyne Education, LLC
03/14/18CEC-873Falls and Balance Management : A systemic overview 7.0003/24/1803/24/19Aegis Therapies
03/14/18CEC-872Strengthening the Geriatric Patient for Function - Digital Seminar/DVD2.0001/04/1801/04/19Vyne, LLC
03/01/18CEC-871Now You See Me: Visual Rehabilitation in Pediatrics - Digital Seminar/DVD6.0011/17/1711/17/18Vyne Education
03/01/18CEC-870Active Care6.0003/01/1803/01/19Performance Health Academy
02/25/18CEC-869Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) Exercise Course 112.0008/26/1608/26/17Individual Certification
02/23/18CEC-868FAKTR: Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehabilitation12.0002/24/1802/24/19Southeast Sports Seminars
02/17/18CEC-8662018 Annual Conference Western States Regional Hemophilia Treatment Centers11.2504/14/1804/18/19CIBD
02/13/18CEC-865Diagnostic Ultrasound in Physical Therapy Practice14.0005/19/1805/19/19Sansum Clinic
02/12/18CEC-864Treating the Shoulder Complex6.0003/22/1803/22/19Vyne Education, LLC
02/09/18CEC-863Health Coach Certification: Families, Adults/Seniors45.0010/30/1710/30/18Dr. Sears Wellness Institute
02/08/18CEC-862Kinesiology Taping: Combining Taping & Movement to Improve Functional Outcomes - Digital Seminar/DVD7.5003/14/1803/14/19Vyne Education, LLC
01/30/18CEC-861BioMechanical Taping for Movement Control8.0002/23/1802/23/19Southeast Sports Seminars
01/30/18CEC-86030 hour Physical Agent Modalities30.0002/24/1802/24/19Health Potentials
01/24/18CEC-859HIPAA Compliance & Training Plus+ 20186.0003/07/1803/07/19Vyne Education, LLC
01/24/18CEC-858An Evidence-Based Approach to Stroke Rehab6.0003/17/1803/17/19Vyne Education, LLC
01/24/18CEC-857Manual Therapy for Low Back Pain: Hands-on Treatment for Lumbar, Sacroiliac, & Pelvic Dysfunctions6.0003/01/1803/01/19Vyne Education, LLC
01/23/18CEC-856FST - Level 1 Certification35.0001/15/1801/15/19Stretch to Win
01/22/18CEC-855Stroke Rehab with a Purpose: Impairment-Based Interventions for all Stages of Recovery: Module 1: Framework for Clinical Decision Making; Module 2: Align, Activate, Rehabilitate: Where to Start and How to Progress Treatment; Module 3: Treatment of C8.0004/17/1704/17/18Vyne Education, LLC
01/22/18CEC-8542 Day: Tai Chi for Arthritis for Falls Prevention: Instructor Course12.0002/22/1802/22/19Vyne Education, LLC
01/03/18CEC-853Successful Splinting: Hands-On Fabrication and Troubleshooting6.0001/27/1801/27/19Performance Health Academy
12/22/17CEC-852Surgery and Rehabiitation of the Hand 20/20: A Vision for Quality in Hand Care26.2503/12/1603/12/17Hand Rehabilitation Foundation
12/14/17CEC-851Rehab your Reimbursement 2018 Edition: CPT Coding, Billing, and Documentation Strategies for Rehabilitation6.0001/31/1801/18/19Vyne Education, LLC
11/30/17CEC-8502-Day Gerontology Certificate Course: Behavioral Interventions & Clinical Strategies12.0001/26/1801/26/19Vyne Education, LLC
11/27/17CEC-849A Stronger Core for Stronger Outcomes- Digital Seminar/DVD6.0010/25/1710/25/18Vyne Education, LLC
11/27/17CEC-848Differential Diagnosis of the Lumbar Spine, Pelvis, and Hip Region-Digital Seminar/DVD2.0004/13/1704/13/18Vyne Education, LLC
11/27/17CEC-847Advanced Soft Tissue Release (ASTR): Levels 3 & 416.0002/05/1802/05/19Advanced Soft Tissue Release Institute
11/22/17CEC-846Neuroplasticity for Children6.0001/22/1801/22/19Vyne Education, LLC
11/22/17CEC-845Rehabilitation Approaches for Patients with Tracheostomies & Ventilators - Digital Seminar/DVD5.5012/01/1712/01/18Vyne Education, LLC
11/17/17CEC-844Yoga for Therapeutic Rehabilitation: Learning new tools & expanding your practice6.0001/28/1801/28/19Vyne Education, LLC
11/17/17CEC-843Beating Burnout in the Healthcare Setting - Digital Seminar/DVD5.5012/22/1712/17/18Vyne Education, LLC
11/01/17CEC-842Comprehensive Approach to Aging Confidently: Geriatric Posture, Core and Balance6.0012/13/1712/13/18Vyne Education, LLC
10/17/17CEC-841Coding & Billing for Therapy & Rehab-Digital Seminar/DVD5.5012/01/1712/01/18Vyne Education, LLC
10/06/17CEC-840Treating Upper Crossed Syndrome: Preventing Shoulder, Back, and Neck Disorders through Better Posture - Digital Seminar/DVD6.0011/15/1711/15/18Vyne Education, LLC
10/04/17CEC-839MT-4 Differential Assessment and Clinical Reasoning Seminar30.0011/17/1711/17/18Maitland Australian Physiotherapy Seminars
09/27/17CEC-838Understanding Post-Intensive Care Syndrome: Causes, Identification, Treatment, and Future Directions – Digital Seminar/DVD5.5011/08/1711/08/18Vyne Education, LLC
09/27/17CEC-837Pharmacology for Rehabilitation Professionals-Digital Seminar/DVD6.0011/06/1711/06/18Vyne Education, LLC
09/27/17CEC-8362017 AIHM Annual Conference: People, Planet, Purpose21.7510/22/1710/22/18Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine (AIHM)
09/22/17CEC-835Feed for Speed & Power6.0012/06/1712/06/18Vyne Education, LLC
09/21/17CEC-834Building Self-Regulation in Children with Autism, ADHD, or Sensory Disorders - Digital Seminar/DVD6.0010/31/1710/31/18Vyne Education, LLC
09/21/17CEC-833The Early Intervention Years: Promoting Development in Children Under 3 Years- Digital Seminar/DVD5.0011/01/1711/01/18Vyne Education, LLC
09/19/17CEC-832Brain Rules for Pediatric Treatment: Neuroscience Meets Evidence-Based Practice6.0012/06/1712/06/18Vyne Education, LLC
09/18/17CEC-831(Re)Defining the Core: The Key to Functional & Corrective Exercise6.0012/07/1712/07/18Vyne Education, LLC
09/06/17CEC-830Kinematics of Low Back Pain7.0009/29/1709/29/18IAMCPT
09/06/17CEC-829IASTM: Combining Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization & Movement to Improve Function & Performance8.0010/02/1710/02/18Vyne Education, LLC
08/30/17CEC-828Advances in Motor Control and Learning for Neurological Rehab - Digital Seminar/DVD6.5010/02/1710/02/18Vyne Education, LLC
08/30/17CEC-827Lymphedema & Complete Decongestive Therapy: What Every Clinician Needs to Know-Digital Seminar/DVD6.0009/03/1709/03/18Vyne Education, LLC
08/30/17CEC-826Cardiopulmonary Therapy for the Rehab Professional - Digital Seminar/DVD6.0009/25/1709/25/18Vyne Education, LLC
08/30/17CEC-825An Evidence-Based Approach to Stroke Rehab6.0009/08/1709/08/18Vyne Education, LLC
08/30/17CEC-824Current Concepts in Vestibular Rehabilitation: Best Practice Standards for Evaluation & Management6.0007/02/1707/02/18Vyne Education, LLC
08/30/17CEC-823Manual Therapy & Practical Corrective Exercises for Today’s Joint Replacement Patient2.0007/16/1707/16/18Vyne Education, LLC
08/23/17CEC-822TAI CHI F.I.T. Level 1: Mind Body Movement Specialist12.0011/02/1711/02/18Vyne Education, LLC
08/23/17CEC-821Using Sign Language with Pediatric Patients: 100 Signs for Easy, Effective Communication in Therapy6.0009/16/1709/16/18Vyne Education, LLC
08/23/17CEC-820Geriatric Rehab on a Budget: Functional Interventions for Post-Acute Patients Using Everyday Item-Digital Seminar/DVD6.0009/21/1709/21/18Vyne Education, LLC
08/23/17CEC-819Could Early Intervention Reverse Symptoms of Autism? An In-Depth Look at Current Sensory, Communication, Relationship, & Behavioral Treatments6.0008/02/1708/02/18Vyne Education, LLC
08/23/17CEC-818Dynamic Stretching: The Missing Link to Fitness, Athletic Performance, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation6.0008/02/1708/02/18Vyne Education, LLC
08/23/17CEC-817Let's Roll! The Art of Performing Seating and Mobility Evaluations6.0009/09/1709/09/18Vyne Education, LLC
08/23/17CEC-816Stroke Rehab: Impairment-Based Interventions for all Stages of Recovery6.0009/20/1709/20/18Vyne Education, LLC
08/23/17CEC-815Providing Individualized Dementia Treatment: Putting Evidence into Action6.0009/16/1709/16/18Vyne Education, LLC
08/23/17CEC-814The Child in Front of You: A Case Study Approach for Pediatric Motor Therapists6.0007/21/1707/21/18Vyne Education, LLC
08/23/17CEC-813Dementia Intervention: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Evidence-Based Techniques6.0008/02/1708/02/18Vyne Education, LLC
08/23/17CEC-812Activities of Daily Living (ADLs): Assessment and Intervention in the Clinic and at Home6.0008/16/1708/16/18Vyne Education, LLC
08/23/17CEC-811Early Dementia Predictors, Assessments, & Interventions: Maximize Therapeutic Outcomes6.0008/02/1708/02/18Vyne Education, LLC
08/23/17CEC-810Learn to Move, Move to Learn: Evidence-Based Neuroscience Foundations in Sensory Processing Disorder6.0008/16/1708/16/18Vyne Education, LLC
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