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Question: I have completed my quiz and have a score of 0%, how is that possible?
Answer: You must click on "Submit" after answer each question. If you click on "Next" without clicking on "Submit", the quiz will treat it as if you skipped the question.

Question: I passed my quiz or quizzes but I did not receive my certificate. Where is my certificate?
Answer: There are a couple of reasons that may prevent you from receiving the certificate by email.

  • Email went to your SPAM or Junk folder. Please be certain that info@caledcon.com is marked as a safe sender in your SPAM/Junk settings. Mail providers have extensive help sections detailing how to add a safe sender, please consult their support section.
  • When prompted to enter your name and email after passing the quiz you might have entered your email address incorrectly. This problem is a lot more common on certifications that have multiple quizzes required to certify.
    Most importantly, take your time to double check your email before submitting please.
We are here to help you receive your certificate in any way possible regardless of the reason.
Certificates are downloadable from the "My Certificates" section. Alternatively you can use the "Lost Certificate" function above.